Monday, March 5, 2012

Pickwick's, Enmore -- or -- The Good Old Days

Alternate alternate title: "A trip down ENmeMORy lanE (ROAD)"

Press stop, Molly. I went back and had the other potato hash. The one with olives, chilli, relish and roasted roma tomatoes. And it was better. BETTER, Molly. The tomatoes, in particular, were divine. But I said the other ones were perfect. And these are bet-... I'm all afluster.


When Razor's Edge closed down a few years ago I was pretty upset. Consoled by Razor's Bistro up the road at the QVH. Then curious to see what the replacement at 129 Enmore Rd was. Pickwick's. A dodo as a mascot is not a good sign. But a hunch says it's a hat tip to Jasper Fforde. (The name of the shop is a bit of a clue.)

I'm glad there is still a good option on the block now that Razor's Bistro is extinct.

Pickwick's is open for a long brunch on weekends, serving eggy and potatoey goodness until 2pm. The menu is therefore a little short on more traditional lunch options, but the specials board helps bridge the gap. Also open for dinner, though that's a side of the menu I can't report on.

Razor's Edge left big saucepans to fill. (That was a play on "big shoes." Didn't work. Sounds like they departed without packing up the kitchen.) Pickwick's picks up RE's twist on traditional dishes and commitment to quality ingredients and good service. They fill those shoepans right down to the apostrophe and literary reference.

Now if you need me, Molly, I'll be waiting for a fix of potato hash.

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Did you know: 'halcyon world' (page 2, 2nd panel) was a play on 'halcyon days', and is an accidental reference to another bird?

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  1. Hash made to order is pretty impressive! Aaah, good ol' days

  2. Big saucepans to fill works...honest! The potato hash looks good...really good!

  3. The Jasper Fforde link put Pickwick's on my to-do list, but that potato hash review has certainly elevated its position - looks great!

  4. Yum yum yum, potato hash. Really, the tomatoes in the other potato hash are amazing and herby (oil, thyme, rosemary) - I don't know how they did it. And only a few days later, the smoked tomatoes at Spencer Guthrie also knocked my socks off. Who would have thought tomatoes could be so versatile?

  5. Nice to see they've opened the small rear courtyard. Not that it work on these glorious wet days we've been enduring in Sydney of late.

  6. Went with my sister the other day but they were closing... bummer! Will have to schedule a new visit.


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