Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three Blue Ducks, Bronte -- or -- Dining, religiously

It's not often I can walk into a restaurant, look at the menu, and say "One of everything." And a bottle of wine. But, except for one entree (oysters), that's what I got to do at Three Blue Ducks.

The service was amazing, and it started before I even walked in the door. Three Blue Ducks has early and late sittings. Detective Chow's reservation was for 8:30 -- quite late on a school night. But when an earlier table cancelled we got a phone call from Amanda to say we could come in early. That level of service was maintained throughout the evening. Makes for a great experience.

They say you can judge a restaurant by its bread. By that measure, Three Blue Ducks deserves its hat.

A couple of the dishes were dividers -- you'll either love them or hate them. Except for course 1 (ceviche a clear winner) and course 4 (pork all the way) the dishes appealed to different tastes and no clear favourite could be identified. I guess that's what you want in a menu, really.

The decor is really nice, with two dining rooms separated by a European-esque alleyway, leading to a vege garden out the back.

The total came to $382 for 4 people having 4 courses each, and two bottles of wine. You could probably get away with the traditional three courses, though, and the menu even offered a 5-course version. I liked that all dishes were $17 -- keeps things simple.

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  1. Interesting dishes, I like how the "strange mix of flavours" factor can make ordering challenging and dining there an adventure. I certainly wouldn't expect that from the restaurant's name, thanks for sharing.

  2. hahah LOVE your photo presentation. very cool. i've heard nothing but awesome things about blue ducks and would love a visit! very handy that everything is $17 as well :)

  3. great review. i think i now know what i'm going to order. i was having trouble deciding on the dinner menu but definitely the snapper ceviche and pressed pork. the mussels/clams and mandarin/chocolate seems the go too.


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