Monday, July 30, 2012

Restaurant Atelier, Glebe -- or -- How to get the best restaurant experiences in 4, or 6? no wait, 12 easy(ish) steps

Been wanting for ages to write a "10 things" type of report. (List-style, that is, not the movie with Julia Stiles.) Finally found an opportunity. When someone comes after me for defamation, this is the post I'll point to as an example of differentiation between 'fact', 'honest opinion', and downright silly fiction. Can you tell the difference?*
* Here's a hint: They're generally in different fonts.

Disclaimer: although we all paid for our meals, Atelier knew we were bloggers and went all out to impress. They waived BYO charges on a Friday night and I think we scored an absolute, never-to-be-repeated bargain on the fixed menu price.