Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bruno's at Hunky Dory Social Club, Darlinghurst -- or -- Journey to Another Dimension

It's a blogger's dream: free dinner, and spot lighting for the food.

(Detective Chow dined & drank free, courtesy of Bruno's, Hunky Dory Social Club and Bang PR.)

A fun evening, also attended by a number of other field agents. (Helen has a list of others who I didn't get to meet.) The owners have put great attention into the design and detail of the venue, making the mosaics, tables, and even the doilies themselves. Well, Cinners' mum made the latter. My favourite part is that the religious artwork (chosen for aesthetics rather than symbolism) was purchased for $666. Ironically, of course.

The menu was interesting, with some classic Italian dishes and some modern variations. And, as mentioned, vego-friendly. I could happily return for a casual meal. Get a bunch of pizzas and a couple of salads. Or the 'pick at' share plates would work well with a bottle of wine. (I wasn't impressed with the haloumi, though. Normally a winner, this batch wasn't as tasty as it can get. Try some of the other things on the menu instead.)

You may need to go hunting up the street for a post-prandial sweet treat, though. No desserts on the menu.

From what I saw, Molly, you'll want to put on your Sunday best to drink upstairs at HDSC. It's not a place for a quiet drink. Or a quiet chat. Maybe a quiet choking in the corner on the chili in your cocktail.

Although this was a PR event, so of course 'best behaviour' time, I really should mention that the staff were friendly and happy and helpful.

I've labelled this $30 and under as an estimate. My body tells me I ate and drank far more than that.

Bruno's at Hunky Dory Social Club
215 Oxford St
9331 0442

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Link to this review: http://tinyurl.com/FSIbrunos


  1. You've confirmed that I just too daggy to go here, but it does look like fun! Food looks really nice.

  2. great to finally meet you! hehe we should go have drinks when we dont have to be on our best behaviour lol

  3. Great job! Wasn't it just a total feast (though I believe we missed out on one pizza)! I hope the night ended well upstairs ;)

  4. Looks like this place is no good for me. I don't wear skinny jeans or own a pair of funky pointy shoes. Food looks pretty decent, though

  5. Love Honky Dory on a Sunday when it is chillaxed and not too many trendies there. New menu looks pretty good at Bruno's.


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