Sunday, September 23, 2012

Orange, NSW -- or -- Wines and Truffles and Nuns (oh my!)

Around this time last year, cheese blogger Claire at You're So Blue Vein came back from Orange with a tale of truffles and wine and food. Jealousy reigned. This year? This year it was my turn.

Disclaimer: Detective Chow paid for everything out of his own pocket. But, gosh, he'd be pleased to be invited somewhere on a press junket. So if you own a country town, regional centre, capital city, tropical island etc he's just an email away...

Note: Boogying lady in white dress and cow-pattern is Flick.

Not pictured: long drive home. Don't worry, Molly, I stopped every two hours to recharge.

Borrodell on the Mount vineyard and trufflerie does an annual Black Tie and Gumboot truffle hunt and dinner. Cost in 2012 was $190pp including hunt, wine, food, entertainment and courtesy bus to Orange CBD. (The accommodation at Borrodell was booked out many months in advance, but De Russie Suites in town were a great alternative.)

Ross Hill Wines is worth a visit. Lovely range of reds and whites to choose from, and lovely folks at the cellar door.

The Old Convent is a B&B and cafe, but the cafe is only open on Sundays. Set menu.

One place I didn't get to, but wish I had, is Small Acres Cyder. They apparently brew their cider using similar methods as wine-making. Blogger Littlest Anchovy visited last year.

Overall: a fun weekend and an awesome experience.

Oh, and, Molly. I know this report is late. I have a good excuse, though. 

Detective Goldstein ate my homework.

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  1. Oh that Goldstein - he's adorable. Looks like a great weekend. I love how everyone is dressed up in the finery...and gumboots!

  2. Oh ha ha, that is Flick! Go girl!

  3. The oyster in the shot glass... what was that liquid?

    1. Now you're testing my memory. It was slightly sweet. That's about the best I can do -- sorry!

  4. What a fun weekend! The cheese plate was the best food of the night!

  5. what an experience! now i'm jealous - i'll join you next year?
    actually i was born in orange, its funny because all these posts of Orange are very different to the orange i know (that is the dodgy one!)


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