Sunday, April 8, 2012

Almond Bar, Darlinghurst -- or -- I hope I'm not interrupting

Thanks for putting up with the April Fools' silliness. Back to investigating good food in the heart of Sydney.


[For the full experience, open this video in the background and turn your speakers up way too loud.]

 Now, where were we? Oh yes.

Fun night. Good food. Just way too much of it. There is absolutely no need to add extras to the banquet. Carol, the co-owner, stopped us ordering even more than we did.

So our total came to $460 (+ tip) [update: for 6 people], including two bottles of wine. But the banquet was only $45 per person.

They do breakfast once a month, too. Will have to check that out someday.

Almond Bar, Darlinghurst
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  1. I used to have a flat right next door to here, I could look into the restaurant if I stood on my couch and looked out the window the right way YET I stupidly have never been to Almond. Stupid me. Food looks amazing (and yes, I remember the loud music not so fondly I must say).

    1. Oh, wow, I didn't even consider the impact of the music on neighbours. You must have hated other people's birthdays!

      The food is really good, so wherever you're based now you should make the trip. (Just, maybe, not on a Saturday night when the birthday song is most likely to be played.)

  2. Food looks & sounds great, I do think you guys ordered too much.

  3. Det Chow - shame on you. You neglected to mention that for $460, 6 of us ate very, very well. And remember, one of us eats enough for two (and not because he's pregnant). That's about $65 each, including a bottle of champagne and at least one bottle of wine (I don't recall exactly...). It was good value, delicious and there's plenty of scope to return to try something different.

    1. Thanks, updated to reflect that price is for 6. Banquet is only $45 per person, so I labelled this in the $30-$60 category. I doubt anyone else would be silly enough to order (and eat) as much as we did.


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