Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Confession

A follow-on from Abigail's Church.


Alright, alright, I admit it all. Here's the evidence you're looking for.
3.14 Cafe, the best waffles on the planet (Gent)
Cafe Chat Noir, Gent, is warm, serves beer and delicious panini. Can't find a website but here is a picture.
La Rose de Damas, patisseries orientale (Brussels)
De la Vigne a l'Assiette, an afforable soon-to-be Michelin-starred restaurant (Brussels)
Le Wine Bar du Sablon, another Brussels favourite

Also, an interesting Playing Beatie Bow / photos of the Rocks blog post. All I remembered was that she had some lace and went for a walk in the Rocks and got lost. Didn't realise the whole tunnel / stairs link before I wrote the previous comic. Spooky.

Back to the real, local stories next time. Trust me.


"Anything you do say may be used as evidence in a court of food."