Monday, July 30, 2012

Restaurant Atelier, Glebe -- or -- How to get the best restaurant experiences in 4, or 6? no wait, 12 easy(ish) steps

Been wanting for ages to write a "10 things" type of report. (List-style, that is, not the movie with Julia Stiles.) Finally found an opportunity. When someone comes after me for defamation, this is the post I'll point to as an example of differentiation between 'fact', 'honest opinion', and downright silly fiction. Can you tell the difference?*
* Here's a hint: They're generally in different fonts.

Disclaimer: although we all paid for our meals, Atelier knew we were bloggers and went all out to impress. They waived BYO charges on a Friday night and I think we scored an absolute, never-to-be-repeated bargain on the fixed menu price.

What was supposed to be a 3-course set menu for $80 became the amazing feast above, still for $80. Can you believe it, Molly? Of course you can't. But when your restaurant is booked out by a party of ~50 food bloggers and partners, you aim to please.

And, gosh darn it, it was an incredible meal. (It feels a little unfair reporting on this, Molly, because it's unlikely you'll ever have the same experience. That's why I've tried to help you out with the tips above.) Chef Darren Templeman produced a perfect array of dishes. And each one had a little extra touch that made me smile or gasp: a tiny mushroom, olive salt, chocolate straw. Some little thing to look out for on each plate. Like eating a Graeme Base book.

Our table tried to decide on the best dish of the night but very little separated them. It was interesting that for some, their favourite dish was something they wouldn't normally eat/like (raw beef, fish).

There's little more to say other than thank you Miss Piggy for gathering us at Atelier, and to the Sydney food community for being lovely and welcoming.

Restaurant Atelier

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  1. Hey, I was on that table. And while I loved the beef tartare, my favourite was the tempura marron tail, pork belly and miso. Yes, I know, and I don't usually like pork belly... so you're right in saying that favourites of the night were often something different to what was expected. Every single dish was amazing. Thanks Miss Piggy and thank you Atelier.

  2. Damn, I missed that one! But I have been to Atelier, it was certainly one of my best meals in Sydney so far.

  3. Your photos are making me wish I was eating this meal again right now! I keep going back and forth, but I'm pretty sure the John Dory was my favourite dish of the night. Darren is a genius!

    1. The Dory was my favourite, too, which is weird because I'm not normally a fish person.

  4. Glad to hear they are still doing excellent things. We haven't been there in a while, looks like it's time to go back and do it all they still bake herb bread in flower pots?

  5. hahaha like eating a Graeme Base book! love it :) fantastic post..... those crazy (very fortunate) food bloggers....


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