Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pavilion Restaurant, Berry -- or -- Who's that Chef?

A couple of disclaimers for this report, Molly:
1. In the week before I visited Berry I was sick. Real sick. So my tastebuds were not at their peak.
2. My party of four received complimentary champagne, a shared entree, and dessert wine.

This story begins with me arriving for a nice, quiet 'recovery' dinner with friends...

Ah, dessert. Is there any better course?

Pavilion has been through a few chefs of late (good and bad, according to my sources), but I think they've finally landed a winner with Ran. Passionate about the locals, and passionate about his (and their) food. The short menu looks like it will change with whatever is in season, too, so there will always be something interesting to try.

So, there are now a few places worth eating in Berry. Dinners at the Hungry Duck and Pavilion, with brunch in between at the Sourdough Cafe. And maybe a quick stop at the Donut Van and the Tea House for snacks. That's without even leaving the CED (Central Eating District) of Berry and venturing towards the wineries (Coolangatta, Silos).

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  1. Do you know the chef Detective Chow? Looks like a lovely meal - I'd like to spend a weekend in Berry's CED.

    1. Nope, hadn't met him before that night. But my dining companions had given him a heads-up beforehand, and he'd gone and looked at the blog and everything! Research, man.

  2. Hmmm... jerusalem artichoke soup...

  3. Apple and kale stuffed quail? ::drools all over keyboard::

  4. Good to know that there are chefs out there that acknowledge the power of food blogging.


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