Saturday, August 25, 2012

Black Star Pastry truffle weekend -- or -- That time I dropped the $15 jar of truffle dessert

I am not, when it comes down to it, particularly punctual when it comes to filing F.S.I. reports. I had intended on one per week. Refined that to once a fortnight. For the past few months I have been especially slack. Eating yes, reporting no.

But, look. Black Star Pastry is doing a truffle weekend RIGHT NOW and if I'm quick about this and you're quick about this you can still get down there in time.

Stop reading. Go now!

Alright, so now that you're back and have truffle anglaise dripping down your chin, here's my report. (And a napkin.)


Note: If you don't know what truffles taste like, go with the Toastie, custard or bread & butter pudding. They have quite strong truffle aroma and flavour to them, so good for beginners to learn what it is they are tasting.

The menu:

Update: It's 4:45pm. I just ate the black pyramid, so have tasted all 8 truffle treats. (There is a second rice custard saved for later.) Favourites, in order:

  1. Truffle toastie -- simply amazing.
  2. Bread and butter pudding with truffled anglaise
  3. Truffled rice custard with truffle honey
  4. Spinach and mushroom pitithier
  5. Truffle jar

It'll set you back a little under $100 for everything. More if you drop one.

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  1. I just did a truffle burp. Thanks Black Star :-)

    1. I'm sure it's comments like these that make the pastry business all worthwhile. :)

  2. I think my "truffle radar" is broken you know. I've tried them a few times now and I just don't "get them". Maybe I should go have the this on next week, do you know Detective Chow?

  3. Ok, call me an idiot. I read "truffle" and "Black Star Pastry" and thought you were talking about chocolate truffles (aka not real truffles). If it wasn't for the gluten I'd get there asap with a $100 note.

    1. Chocolate truffles would also be an amazing weekend. Maybe it we mention it to Chris he'll do it. :)

  4. That truffle jar looks amazing. So jealous, I love truffles!


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