Thursday, March 1, 2012

Encasa, CBD -- or -- A Pun Night at the Movies

Heavy caseload at the moment. Haven't had much time to think about filing paperwork. You know when your head is so full, you just want to veg out. Catch a movie. Something that won't make you think.


Well, it was a fun night out. Cheap and cheerful, as they say. ($144 for the food, between 6. Plus $58 for booze. And a gazillion dollars for a regular popcorn and choctop.)

Encasa Spanish, also Tapas and Pizza (!)
423 Pitt St, Haymarket / CBD
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  1. So many puns it hurts... Encasa is my absolute fave Spanish in the city. I think you had the entire menu... :P

  2. Hi Tina. I know, I know. Very punish(ing). Previous posts have been short on puns, so consider it making up for lost time.

  3. argh the creme brulee! i must eat nowwwwww

  4. Sorry, I think you were kind, Det Chow. The food there has not impressed me.

  5. I have to agree, AVERage was my verdict. However if I were a backpacker I'd be pretty happy/satisfied with quantity and value. So, they are playing to their market at least.

    But oh fellow foodies, where IS a good spanish option? It's been many years sine I darkened the doors of Captain Torres and I fear my fondness for it is purely sentimental.

    1. captain torres???? and you didnt like encasa??? probably the best spanish restaurant in sydney (value for money and traditional food) nothing fancy but good at good prices always full lunch and dinner.....

  6. I love your format Detective Chow! It must take you ages to do each review-bravo for doing them so well! :D

  7. "And a seafoody flavour?".

    Really? You think that might be the bacalao perhaps?

  8. "Really? You think that might be the bacalao perhaps?"

    (So, apparently bacalao is not cheese. It... it sounds like a cheese. But no. Also known as clipfish. It's a fish. So says the internet. The thing on which I publish these findings. I ate clipfish in Norway. I have no excuse.)

    Yep, probably the bacalao.


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