Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lochiel House, Kurrajong -- or -- The Artist's Day Out

Detective Chow talked all through the last movie. Not this time.

A fun day out on the trail. Stocked up on fresh veges from Richmond. Picked apples and blueberries in Bilpin. Ate a divine lunch in Kurrajong Heights. Strangely enough, Molly, I discovered Lochiel House's Monique has some old surveillance footage taken by me when I was still a cadet.

Lochiel House. The staff are friendly and relaxed while helpful and efficient. The ingredients are grown out the back or ethically sourced. As an ethical bonus, they even cook for a soup kitchen on days off. 

I think it's safe to let the food do the talking here. Go. Try it. It has two hats, if that helps your decision.

Lochiel House
Friday-Sunday for lunch. Friday-Saturday for dinner.

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