Monday, October 31, 2011

¡ Día de los Muertos ! (Day of the Dead Bread)

Es el Día de los Muertos. ¿Qué es esto? La muerte a sí mismo en forma de pan!
¡ Echar aguas ! 

The traditional recipe for Pan de Muerto was way more cakey than any bread recipe I'd ever seen. ¿Eggs? ¿Warmed milk? ¿Vanilla extract? No entiendo.

I scrapped the traditional recipe and started from bread. Flour, water, yeast, salt. I threw in a couple of spoons of sugar, to make it sweet, and kneeded into the skull portion some sultanas, chopped candied ginger, and orange zest.

Then the fun part: shaping. Sliced in some eyes and a mouth. Made a full bone and two halves (which, out of context, appeared a little grosero...).

Glazed before baking with a mix of orange zest, sugar and water.

The result was a smooth, sweet bread, reminiscent of finger buns (without the sickly pink icing). And the scariest thing to ever come out of my oven.

Que chido! No hay bronca.


  1. Aaaaaand I'm so doing that. If only for the gratuitous Spanish.

  2. Lucas: As good a reason as any. Better, in fact.
    ¡ vamos amigo !


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