Friday, October 7, 2011

Miyama, Newtown - or - Little Sister's Report Card

It's hard to predict a final grade based on an interim assessment, Molly. Though I'm sure she got help from her older sister, so what I saw is probably pretty close to the final product, it was just a couple of lunch specials. And they receive a solid 'pass' grade. Nothing mind-blowing. I wouldn't be racing back -- there's so much to choose from in Newtown -- but if someone suggested it I wouldn't shy away.

The place was nice, and the staff were friendly. It's close to uni, so expect students who want a light lunch or a break from the usual Thai and Vietnamese fare.

$20 for two, including tea. I'd almost wear that cost myself, Molly. Almost...

Detective Chow
Case file 20110930

Miyama Japanese Kitchen
87 King St, Newtown
02 9519 9947

Miyama Japanese Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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