Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jamie's Ministry of Food, The University of Sydney (Crave Food Festival)

Jamie Oliver played a big part in my food renaissance, Molly. His TV shows led me to Fifteen Melbourne, my first fancy restaurant experience. And it was great. That, plus the amazing food throughout Melbourne, opened my taste buds to new experiences. I finally started using herbs, spices, different ingredients. It was not all successful. There was that one incident when I used globe artichokes instead of jerusalem artichokes. That sucked. But who cares?

I really admire what Jamie has tried to do in making the home kitchen accessible. Teaching people healthier food options.

So when the Good Foundation, University of Sydney and Crave Food Festival teamed up to bring Jamie's Ministry of Food to Sydney I had to go. Sure, I can already cook. But you can always learn something new.

In fact, Molly, the little tips passed on by our hosts were the best part for me. That and the eating.

In honour of Jamie's philosophy of passing on what you learn, I give you his recipes plus tips from the day.

Are you inspired to get some friends together for communal cooking?

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