Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chennai, Newtown - or - Murder She Roti

Malaysian food is so tasty, Molly. All those spices and whatnot condensed into the sauces. The flavours, the heat. It's not my fault, Molly, is what I'm trying to say.

Everything about Chennai is pleasing: the room is inviting, the staff are helpful and the food is excellent. They're still in their early days which means they are trying to impress, and they certainly did that. My only complaint would be that the food came out very quickly -- pauses between dishes would have been appreciated. The menu is yet to be finalised -- I hope the chicken biryani and goat curry make the final cut -- and they are waiting until then to launch the website.

They'll become a local favourite, Molly, doing a strong trade in roti, laksa, curry and takeaway. They are open for lunch, and have some cheap deals (around $8 I believe) to lure in daytime locals. It's a big restaurant, with two rooms, so let's hope they earn enough to pay that King St rent.

Now, I hate to bring it up, Molly, but the bill came to $99.50 for three. I know, I know, I ordered too much food and I messed up the stake-out. But it was a business expense, and I completely avoided steak puns and didn't even think about a raita/writer gag. That's gotta count for something.

Detective Chow
Case file 20110929 [unsolved]

22-24 King St, Newtown

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  1. Great blog - very quirky and totally unique. Well done. This place is near my office - we tried to go last week but they weren't open (one of their chefs didn't show up - a crime perhaps)?

  2. I passed here Saturday at 6p.m. and they weren't open, and there was no sign of life inside the restaurant. Weird? What restaurant is closed on a Saturday night?!?

  3. Hmm, two comments that the place was closed. Not a good sign. I hope they work out whatever problems they're having.

    Thanks MissPiggy and Joey for stopping by the blog and commenting.

  4. So this is what happens when I take a month off & leave the country. I find out about this place that isn't too far from my house & a quirky blog I'm sure to add to my reading list. Love your work & welcome aboard.

    Message to Chennai - open on Saturdays or us Inner Westies will forget about you

  5. Thanks for your praise, John. HeNeedsFood is one of my regular check-ins -- looking forward to some more local reports.


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