Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mamak, Haymarket -- or -- How to make an amazing roti

Field observations at Mamak, Haymarket.

When I tried making roti at home I was just going off the recipe. I'd never actually eaten one before. Can you believe it? And the recipe was not a great help -- "add water until you get roti dough consistency." Yeh, thanks.

I then tried roti at Chennai. They were so different from the rigid chewy mess I'd made. I had to find out the secret. 

So I went to Mamak, Molly. I was told that I'd have to line up to get a table. But while I was waiting I'd get to watch them make rotis in the window. Too good to be true? Not so.

Now I have the technique. All I need is a good recipe. And lots of practise.

Mamak, Haymarket (also in Chatswood)
No reservations.

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  1. Isn't Roti amazing...Mamak's is right up there with the best I've tried. Think I'd rather line up for Mamak version rather than try making it at home, you are a very brave detective.

  2. Love this post (just as much as I love roti!)

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments, MissPiggy and Tina. :)

  4. Tummy says: take me back there please!!!!
    Damn this New Year diet idea caper. Agree with Miss Piggy - there are some things best left to people who spend all day mastering this one technique. (and that's my husband under the Roti - it didn't last long!)

  5. Dear Detective Chow,

    Nice video and tips on making roti, I like the witch's hat over the head.


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