Monday, December 19, 2011

Heiliggeist (Mainz, Germany) -- or -- Inside on a Sunday

Mainz is a lovely city, Molly. Have you been? On the Rhine, and only about an hour from Frankfurt. But the airport is between the two, so it made sense to go to Mainz instead. Glad I did. Just don't expect anything to be open on a Sunday! (This becomes a theme in my European travels.)

Heiliggeist Restaurant & Bar -- Highly recommended | TripAdvisor
Behind the Gutenberg Museum

Eisgrub Brau -- lower your expectations | TripAdvisor reviewers seem to love it.

I love the stumble-upon travel gems. Somehow they're more memorable than the planned ones -- I guess because I have no expectations, and I feel like I am somehow responsible for 'discovering' a place.

Anyway, Molly, hopefully this postcard explains why I missed the closure of Ramen Bar (sad face) and seemed to post my report on it at just about the same time (whoops face).

Next stop: Iceland.


  1. nice idea, thanks for sharing...

  2. Very bitter with a coffee flavour is generally how dark beer tastes. And that looks like perfectly good traditional German food. I just lowered my expectations of this blog.

  3. Anonymous 1: Thanks for your comment.

    Anonymous 2: Heck, I'm flattered if people even ~read~ my blog. But a good reminder to be open about new/different/foreign experiences.

    The dark beer was darker than many -- not to my taste. The food was just not what I was expecting (from reading the reviews on TripAdvisor).

  4. Awesome blog!!!!! i love the pics and wishing I was there too, oh how i wish i could travel and stumble upon incredible places for breakfast again soon ;D

  5. Thanks Muppy for your lovely comment. Hopefully you'll get to travel soon.

    Just had a look at your blog. Congrats on one year of blogging! And, my goodness, the pastry on those raspberry and chocolate tarts looks incredible.

  6. Südsee (according to my wife) means "south Sea" or Mediterranean, and Bayerische just means Bavarian.


"Anything you do say may be used as evidence in a court of food."