Saturday, October 29, 2011

@ Home Thai Cuisine, Glebe - or - Opposite Day

Sitting on the upstairs balcony, looking out at the trees in the primary school, you could almost forget about Glebe Point Road a few metres away. That is, until the bus drives past and the car alarm sounds. If you're delicate you can sit in the well-lit indoor tables or on the balcony out the back (shared with the Japanese place next door). It will be a good go-to in Summer; cooler than the sunny courtyards of the King St set.

The service was intermittent, but friendly when present. (The pad cashew was a staff recommendation, heartily seconded by me.)

For all the differences, the food and prices were comparable to the bulk of Newtownian Thai lunches. $8 for a large plate of tasty noodles. In a slightly nicer setting.

Detective Chow
Case file 20111018

@ Home Thai Cuisine (pronounced "At Home Thai Cuisine", I presume)
27 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
02 9571 8781
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