Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Hive Bar, Erskineville - or - Neighbourhood Watch


I always knew the Hive Bar as a place to go for a good beer, Molly, or a trivia night or variety show. And sure their pizzas and felafels are great, but I never thought of it as a dinner venue. Maybe someplace to meet friends and also eat dinner. But not the other way around.

I'd also tried the 'fancy' food upstairs at the Rose of Australia just across the road, and was sorely disappointed.

So I didn't walk into the Hive with high expectations.

A quick chat with head chef Gary Oliver quickly turned that on its head. Ex-Etch and Longrain, this is Gary's first stint as head chef. His passion for the food (fresh, free-range, and affordable) was infectious, and when I walked out of the kitchen with a list of recommendations I felt I was in good hands.

It's an unusual mix to have street-art on the walls, a one-page list of beers, BYO vinyl as the musical accompaniment, and upscale European food. (It certainly bucks the trend of tacos and tapas.) But I don't mind it.

They're keeping the prices low, dishes ranging from $8 to $14. We shared six between four people (counting the chicken twice!), which came to about $70. If you're wondering about the total bill, Molly, the remaining $150 was for wine.

I don't know if it will be enough to draw people in to Erskineville, though it's only a 5-minute walk from King St. But if you're ever in the neighbourhood, The Hive Bar is one to watch.

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The Hive Bar
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  1. Excellent. I'm so glad the hive has stacked up. I've always gone for the beer, rather than e food and it's been a while since ive been there. May need to go back.

  2. Lucas: Definitely worth a re-visit, I think.

    If you pop in on Wednesday I'll be upstairs for the variety show.

  3. It's always waaaaay too full (and a touch too trendy) for an impatiant dag like me. Food looks tasty.

  4. Lau: We went on a Saturday night and, while the outside tables were pretty busy, inside was fairly quiet. Not sure if it's always like that. Plus there's an upstairs area which has more breathing space.


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