Friday, November 25, 2011

Doyles on the Beach, Watsons Bay - or - The Interview

I didn't even mention the garish neon sign out the front. I was being nice, Molly. Not once did I use the words "overpriced" or "overrated".

It's a shame that people will go here for special occasions, taking out-of-town guests or their families, expecting big things. But really, the place is OK if you're not expecting amazing food or value. Some people love it -- just look at TripAdvisor, UrbanSpoon or Eatability. But it's not universal -- others felt ripped off.

The william was $350 for five, including two bottles of wine and a cocktail each. It's a minor thing, Molly, but they don't accept Amex because of the additional fee. When you're charging that much, and you're a tourist destination, that just seems stingy.

Detective Chow
Case file 20110923

Doyles on the Beach
11 Marine Parade, Watsons Bay

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  1. Spot on review.

    The one-line version is "take-away food, ambience and service at fancy-pants prices", Molly.

  2. Sadly it isn't what it use to be. Took some overseas guests there last month, thoroughly disappointed.

  3. Hmm, seems I'm not the only one to feel this way.

    P57: fancy-pants prices indeed. Mind you I'm in Norway right now and even McDonalds charges fancy-pants prices. $13AU for a Big Mac! So maybe Doyles is Norwegian...

    Sara: Shame. I hope they didn't think that was the best Sydney could offer!


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