Friday, March 30, 2012

Last chance for Lochiel House!


F.S.I. just received word that one of my favourite restaurants, Lochiel House, is closing as of 15 April. Get in quick if you want to experience incredible food made from local, sustainable ingredients.

Take a drive, pick some fruit. Chestnuts and walnuts should be in season now, as well as late season apples.

1259 Bells Line Of Rd
Kurrajong Heights
NSW 2758
T: 02 4567 7754

 I tried to find some heartfelt metaphysical poem to help break the news, but decided simply to start with. Our Dear Customers
It is with a little bit of sadness and a little bit of joy that I start writing this newsletter. After 11 wonderful years Tony and I have decided that our journey with Lochiel House is coming to an end......HOLDING BREATH NOW..........In one way it has been a very easy decision to make, but in another very see we love what we do and we love being loved by our cherished customers. We thank you all deeply for your support, encouragement, Friendship, produce and appetites over the years.

Now what will happen to Lochiel?....We have sold our business and are handing over the pans and wine knives to a very enthusiastic and experienced couple, Jess and Wayne. They will be taking Lochiel in a new direction.... they're talking about an elegant Bistro and Cafe with the focus still very much on local, sustainable, and ethically grown produce. Jess and Wayne will be working with us in our last weeks before we say our final goodbyes and we hope that you can come and dine in our little restaurant one last time, letting us introduce you to the courageous new owners. We sincerely hope you will embrace them as you have done us and support their ambition to show case regional produce.
Ok... so what about us......
Over the years we have constantly asked ourselves the question....if we didn't have Lochiel what would we do next.......well we are now  up to that part called NEXT.
For the next 6 months we will be investigating N E W and
E X C I T I N G ways with food and keep your ear to the ground.
It would be no surprise to most of you that our first stop will be Bali, from there, on to India....Yep this researching is going to be really hard work!
What we would love, is that if you are interested in what we do next, send me a email and l will link you up to our little web site that is being created as we speak.
Best not to give them any difficult cases only three days from retirement...

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