Monday, September 19, 2011

Rice Paper, Newtown - or - Journey to the Altar

Well, I got out of there without devoting the remainder of my days to chilli sauce. It was a close call, though, Molly. It really isn't fair; anything would taste good with that sauce on it.

Fresh was the order of the day, here, Molly. (Not literally; that honour goes to the Vietnamese pancake special. Try it if you can.) The piles of fresh herbs, crunchy bean sprouts and (fresh and pickled) vegetables adorning the dishes brought a light touch to the meal. I left the table feeling good, Molly; healthy. If there hadn't been a gelato shop next door I just don't know...

The interior design is clean and uncluttered. The hard surfaces mean it might get a little loud when crowded, but it was just a good buzz when I was there. For an intimate evening ask for a table in the rear, away from the bright lights.

Expect a crowd of regulars here. Only the opening week and the next table was talking about what they had tried before. The menu is long and varied enough to keep things interesting for repeat visits. Though maybe we need to look into a support group for chilli sauce recoverers.

The staff were friendly, though perhaps a little inattentive at times. Nothing that caused a problem, just little things overlooked. That should improve in the coming weeks.

The autumn rolls were a definite favourite. Soft, thick noodle wrapping, tasty beef filling, fresh herbs and that sweet chilli dipping sauce. Saying this may be unfair to the other seasons, Molly, and I'll try them all soon, I promise. But one never forgets their first love.

The total was $60 for two (and leftovers for lunch), plus tip. No credit/debit cards just yet, Molly, so perhaps you could leave me the key to the petty cash drawer?

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Rice Paper Vietnamese Cuisine
131 King St, Newtown
BYO | Cash only (for now) (not yet active) | Facebook | ph 8065 7271

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"Anything you do say may be used as evidence in a court of food."