Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hungry Duck, Berry - or - The Burning Question

Whoa, Molly. Did I get a little preachy last night? It must have been the Shiraz. And the Port. Both lovely, lovely drops.

The food ranged from pretty good to great, with only a couple of dishes that I'd only try once. (The alpaca sausages and the plantain chips, Molly, if you're wondering.) The pork buns were a standout favourite, Molly. So unlike what we get around the corner at yum cha.

The garden was beautiful, Molly, as I think I've mentioned. Inside was modern with touches of that old country charm. Glass light fittings, wooden floors, bonsai plants. You know: modern cottage Asian fusion? It works.

The service was great. Kudos to our cheery waitress, Renée. Her recommendations were spot on. Made the night a pleasure. Helpful, too. She found out the providence of the pork for us. Is providence the right word, Molly? You know: where it came from. (Pork from Tamora, beef from Gerringong.)

I get a travel allowance, right Molly? I ordered on that assumption. A la carte. The damage was $304 for four, plus a good tip. That includes the bubbles, wine and aperitifs to get the clients talking. I could have gone the 5-course banquet for $45pp, but I know you believe in freedom of choice. Look, I'll just file the receipts with Finance. I have your signature on file…

Detective Chow
Case file 20110917

Hungry Duck
85 Queen St, Berry

Green Box Regional Food Co-operative
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  1. I don't know if it's a coincidence, but I've been thinking about taking a road trip to Berry. Your post is making it very tempting, may go sooner than I think now.

  2. Definitely worth it, Dumpling Girl. Berry is lovely. Food, wineries, beaches, fishing. Try and time it with the whale migration, if you can.

  3. The dessert looks amazing and I just love the layout and originality of your blog. It's always fun to read!


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