Wednesday, September 28, 2011

King St in Spring

Spied a new Japanese place open on King St this morning, Molly. Newtown. Miyama Japanese Kitchen. I guess it's a Christmas baby, though I'm not too sure of the gestation period for restaurants. I'll check out their lunch specials on Friday.

Miyama - next to Thai La-Ong
Chennai - website not yet active

Also a new Malaysian joint with some nice signwriting. Thought it was Indian but maybe that was just a front. I'll snoop around tonight and file a report.

Any others I'm missing out on?

(Jester Seeds and Rice Paper have been checked off the list.)


  1. Five Eliza is a pop-up addition. You would like it, Det Chow. Not sure if they have solid food though - just the liquid kind.

    And Mr Cheng's is coming ("Stay slim - eat Asian")...

    And while you're at it, you could investigate when CodFather, Stanmore, will be re-opening under their new Chef...

  2. Thanks, Anon. Seems you know the scene.

    Five Eliza is a cute little setup. Let's hope they do it again at next year's Fringe.

    I'll check out those other two and report back. You know, once they open.


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