Monday, September 5, 2011

Jester Seeds, Newtown - or - The Case of the Mixing Spices

Case report: 20110901 | Detective Chow.

Jester Seeds
127 King St, Newtown

I looked in on the Jester as assigned. I don't think we need to worry - he knows what he's up to and he'll be just fine.

He has himself a short, well-crafted menu. Get past the expensive cocktails on the first page and you're into affordable territory: wines from $7 a glass; snacks from $5.

My favourites, Molly, in case you're wondering, were the caramel-chilli beer nuts, the beef taco, and the house cab sav. But all the food was interesting and tasty.

It's quiet now, but in a few months it'll be hard to get a table. You won't find the student crowd here; they'll be up at Kuletos downing two-for-one sweet cocktails from a blender. Clientele will be late 20s and up, looking to spend their money on tasty food and sophisticated drinks.

Which reminds me: the final bill was $90 for three, plus tip. I'll put the receipt in your pigeonhole.
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  1. WOw... thanks for reviewing us at Jester Seeds. I really love it. good work pete.

  2. I had a good long laugh reading it.. and smile upon my face!! YAY to beer nuts!

    totally love it!

  3. I ADORE this! What a great write up. Draw up? Nice work.


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