Sunday, March 24, 2013

Black Star pastry workshop at Real Food pop-up shop, Enmore

A quick photo essay by Detective Chow.

Where we are: Real Food pop-up shop, Enmore

Why we're here: Pastry class, Black Star style

Why we're really here: we want to eat make this

How we do it: Chris demonstrates 
(step 1: make the pastry)

This is how we do it: chaos ensues
(step 1: make a mess)


How we do it: Chris demonstrates 
(step 2: roll pastry, construct galette)

This is how we do it: game face
(step 2: I think we're getting it)

Check out more awesome workshops and events at Real Food.

(In case you overdosed on brown and white)

Just as an aside, Molly:
My (real-life) partner and I have started selling our chocolates at Real Food. The salted caramels are going down a treat, and we're developing a couple of new ones for the coming weeks. But check out our Inkcap Chocolate chocolate orange peel, giant freckles, hot chocolate dipping spoons, organic nut bark and salted caramels (if there are any left) at Real Food. 


  1. The galette didn't turn out as smooth as Chris' but close enough. I hope the result was delicious. Good luck with the chocolate sales!

    1. Thanks Gaby. Haven't baked it yet -- still sitting in the freezer.
      For the record: that's not MY galette in the photo. I had my hands full of cameras, not flour.

  2. Wait. What? You make chocolates and sell them? How did I miss this?

    1. Too busy fighting off balcony slugs, I guess? ;)
      We've been making chocolates for a few years, but now selling them for the first time through Real Food.

  3. Wow. Pastry is something I have never mastered (not to infer I have mastered anything else in the kitchen!) - do you need anyone to practice on???

    1. Definitely. :)
      You'll have to get L to show you at Easter. There's a good write-up of the class here, too:

  4. Oooh, didn't know they were doing classes - thanks for the heads-up. And will definitely have to grab some caramels when I visit :)


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