Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wine Library, Woollahra -- or -- Browsing in the Decadent section

This visit to the Wine Library was at the end of March, so you probably can't get the fig salad anymore, but the rest are very compatible with the colder weather coming up.

That pasticciata with a glass of red would be my recommended cure for the rainy day blues. So good, Molly. Warm and comforting.

A fun night of sharing food and feeling all grown up drinking good wine. A bottle of French pinot blanc ($57) was a good match. Only the second time I've had pinot blanc, made from a grape which is a mutation of pinot noir (!!), the first time being a perfect wine match at Marque. This one was nice. I feel I should say more about the wine, given it's the Wine Library, but I'd just be embarrassing myself.

The staff, however, are helpful and knowledgeable and I felt comfortable letting the waiter guide the wine choice.

The place was pretty full and had a good vibe. The downside, however, is that the bathroom couldn't keep up with the traffic. It was in a sad state. And that's not something pasticciata could fix.

Total food bill was $91, which left three people well fed. Total of $148 with the wine. And really, Molly, it's right to include the wine in my reimbursement. One doesn't drink water at the Wine Library. You'll explain that to the boys in finance, right?

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  1. It was not just that the bathroom couldn't keep up (although with only one unisex toilet for the whole place, there was that too), it was that there was one bathroom - with toilet and urinal in the same room - for everyone to share. The mess under the urinal is not classy and did not sit well with the vibe of the night. Come on, Wine Library, renovate your bathroom and make it two tiny loos (and no urinal) to solve the problem. Go before you go is my advice.

    1. Ive been to the wine library on a few occasions and along with the inside bathroom, there is also another if you head out back near the dining room. I guess you had a few too many wines to notice! haha :)

  2. I used to live in Woollahra and there really wasn't all that much happening, Food/Wine wise outside of Bistro Moncur and Buzo. Now it seems to be getting quite exciting. Absolutely love the look of the Charcuterie and the pate!


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