Monday, June 10, 2013

Oldtown in Newtown -- or -- Back on the beat

Back on home turf. Newtown. South wing of King St. A few new places cropping up, including this Italianesque cafe which is open for breakfast on weekends. (Though 9am is a fairly late opening time, brekky is served until 5pm.) I popped in for dinner about a month ago and it was excellent, so thought I'd come back to try the morning fare. The menu is really interesting. Everything looks good, and there is a mix of 'please everybody' and 'something a little different' dishes. I'll have to come back to try some other things while sitting at one of the sunny outdoor tables.

Disclaimer: At the end of the meal I was given a jar of Oldtown's store-made preserved cherries to take home. I added an extra-large tip, though, to cover the cost. So I think we're about even.

The service was a little slower this time of day than at dinner, but still super friendly. Which meant we got to hear about a new thing starting this week: 'take-home food' packs. (There is a little competition running on Oldtown Facebook to name them.) These will be freshly-made meals which can be taken home to re-heat or freeze. Sounds like an interesting way to get their name out on the street, and a bit cheaper than eating at the restaurant. Still, I recommend going in for the slow-cooked oxtail. I had it on my first visit and it was divine. [Update: I went back for the oxtail.]

Total bill was $44 for two people, with generous portions.

Oldtown in Newtown
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Brandied cherries

Follow-up: Oldtown in Newtown for dinner.


  1. Is this where the old Chocolate Dog cafe used to be or am I getting everything messed up?

  2. Great review! Lucas mentioned that he was eating with you here so I had to take a peek. Looks like lots of delicious things to try here! :D


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