Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Greek Special: Nostos, Leichhardt and Steki Taverna, Newtown

The Greek Financial situation means a lot of people there are doing it tough. In fact, a lot of countries' economies have been hit hard. Australians are comparatively doing well, but even here people are trying to cut back on spending. Like eating at restaurants.

Unfortunately rent is not getting any cheaper so a lot of restaurants are struggling. I think I should be supporting my favourite restaurants to make sure they stay afloat. Unfortunately I seem to be cursed, with a few places I really like closing (or selling) shortly after my reports were filed.

Still, there are bargains to be had if you want a cheap night out. Here are two:

I highly recommend visiting in a group. You get to sample a wider variety of dishes. One dip between two? Better to make it five dips between six. And three desserts, if you please.

Nostos staff were very friendly and provided excellent service. As noted, I received a couple of complementary extras -- the lima beans because people don't often order them but the owner loves them. A few of the other dishes, not pictured, are worth trying. The mushrooms were great, and the moussaka quite good. Others, such as the meatballs or stuffed tomatoes, I wouldn't bother with next time. But overall the food was good.

Very affordable. Corkage $3 per person. Total $197 for 6, or about $33 each, and we all left very full. When I visited (late March) they had a mid-week special of $30 for two courses + drink, and the $45 banquet was $40 on Wed + Thu night, and Sunday lunch.

Steki Taverna staff were boisterous, joking around with us, like they were serving family. Couple of the dishes didn't quite hit home -- the spinach salad needed lemon squeezed over it to save it from oblivion, garlic dips didn't have much bite -- but there were other things on the menu which I'd go back to try. Lots of lamb dishes. And Greeks are known for their lamb, right? Overall impression: food was good.

Very affordable. Corkage $3 per person. Total $172 for 6, or about $29 each, because of a whopping 20% discount through InsideEats. (Feel free to use my 'invitation code' if you sign up: 7905f0838958b5b38d95afd5924db35.) About $36 each without the discount.

Moral stance
Now, here's the thing about InsideEats and the other discount offers that are out to replace coupons. I'm happy to use them if I choose a place purely because of the discount. But, were I to go back to Steki, I wouldn't use the discount again. Why not? Because they're a good place and they deserve my money. (Well, the bureau's money, right Molly?) I'd rather buy my books from an Australian independent bookstore than online discount stores. Because I want them to be there next time I need a book.

Maybe I'm just getting too old to go chasing sales.

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  1. I have to admit I'm a bit of a meal deal fiend...it just gives me the final incentive to go and try a place out. BUT if I love the place I'll happily go back again and again. Your meal at both places looks incredible (and huge)!

  2. I love greek food and both of them look good. I was so into dining vouchers before, especially for trying a place out (even had 15 at one time) but now I just stick with my Entertainment book cos I hate having them expiring on me and booking can be a bitch with those vouchers. Thanks for the invitation code for insideeats! Been wanting to join it for a while now.

  3. Great post, I've been to both restaurants and agree with most of your comments.

  4. Both of these places look fantastic! greek food has been a revelation to me in the past year or so and the flavours are so strong but delicious. The skordalia and calamari look divine.


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