Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kafenes, Enmore/Newtown -- or -- The Greek Question

Something a little different (again) this week. The first time I've had to resort to a flatbed scanner to review the food. This is what happens when they don't let Detective Chow take photos...

Happy Year of the Dragon, Molly.

So. The food seemed to suffer from an over-reliance on salt and dried oregano. Strange that the least-salty thing I ate was the haloumi! The haloumi was unusually good, though. Softer, creamier than most I've had, and much less salty.

Maybe I just ordered the wrong things? Because the place started filling up as the night wore on, and many of the diners seemed to be regulars. The staff knew them by name, had a cheerful catch-up. And the prices are good for a local get-together with friends. BYO and you could walk away full for about $20 per head. (I spent a bit more, Molly, but by the time the seafood plate came around I was sated.)

** SHRUG **

The "no photos because of trademark" thing intrigued me, Molly. For a start, they publish their menu on their website. And the food presentation was nothing special. The only logical conclusion (and it's a bit of a stretch) is that they're looking to franchise. After the boom in Thai and Mexican franchises, perhaps Greek is next in line? 

Another blogger did manage to snap some photos a year ago, though, if you're interested.

Kafenes on Urbanspoon

With thanks to:
My Cardboard Life. Awesome web comic made from cardboard, material, and other bits and pieces.
Wondermark. Another awesome web comic, made by cutting out images from old books.
Dave Bloustien. For the subtle "Filo Pastry" pun and philosophy inspiration. Go see Dave do comedy.

PassengerFiftySeven. Amazing photos from Sydney and around the world.
PeachFizzy. (Photo used without permission. Sorry, I couldn't find contact details.) (Photo used without permission. Sorry, I couldn't find contact details.)

Oh the irony that I had to resort to possible copyright infringement...

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  1. Excellent way around the no photos rule in their restaurant...I've been here before. I quite enjoyed's simple Greek food & pretty tasty.

  2. OMG - hilarious! And so skilfully entertaining too! Love it, especially the food representations :D

  3. Did you not flash your detective's badge? That would surely grant you picture-taking privileges for crime scene evidence.

  4. MissPiggy: I was all ready for simply, tasty Greek food! Maybe we just had a bad night -- as I said, it seems quite popular.

    Tina: Thanks. I spent aaages getting the crinkles just right. :)

    Joey: You'd think so, right? I flashed my business card and they didn't even glance at it. Eyes glued to the camera.

  5. I'm new to your blog and really enjoying your creativity and content. As we're Newtown locals we're also finding the content very relevant. We've also been to Kafenes a few times over the years with the kids and although it was a pleasant experience there hasn't been a reason to rush back. Keep up the good work.

  6. Trademark smells suspiciously like a BS reason (first I've ever heard it used).

    I didn't have any problems at all taking photos, though I was seated outside (if that makes any different). They can't stop you from taking photos outside of the restaurant anyhow, not that it looks like you'll be back anytime soon.

    Nice work working around the issue though. Made for an interesting post :)

  7. Lol too funny! I love Greek food but it seems like this isn't really a place to go for it. Shame. Trademark does sound a bit susss

  8. Trademark schmademark. Maybe they thought you were filming for some A Current Affair expose?

  9. Update: Got wind that Kafenes has taken over at the Greek Macedonian Club in Marrickville. Not sure the TM thing makes any more sense knowing that, though.|N00W|859ed74b|Kafenes+Dining

  10. I hate the "no photo" policy, especially when they can't explain why.

  11. They're just a little techno-illiterate and have heard of this mysterious "food blogger" phenomenon but don't really understand what it means, or why anyone would want to photograph their restaurant/food unless they're planning to post something negative on the internet to scare away customers.

    When you're old school and doing just fine on 'offline' word-of-mouth, I suppose you don't have much reason to investigate further than that. The local Greek community certainly seems to keep them in business internet or no internet!

    Call it a lost in translation moment, or unfounded paranoia at worst, but they're a generally friendly bunch & in my experience dish up consistently tasty, traditional Greek fare without frills – just the way they like it.

    -- one of the regulars

  12. Dear March 14: That's a fairly reasonable explanation. I guess the difference between a local who loves the food and a stranger with a camera is pretty stark when you have a business to run/protect. Happy regulars keep restaurants going.

    1. As an avid reader of Sydney food blogs myself, I personally think it's a bit of a shame. But pretty sure there wouldn't have been any malice behind it, just a lack of understanding. As others have said, thoroughly enjoyed your review and the photographic 'workaround' regardless!

      -- March 14.


"Anything you do say may be used as evidence in a court of food."