Saturday, October 20, 2012

Higashi Japanese Restaurant, Leichhardt -- or -- The Glitch

I found a restaurant that almost doesn't exist on the internet. No website. No facebook. Urbanspoon has a few reviews (and 100% approval rating), but no menu, and fake contact details.

How weird is that?

The host really makes the restaurant. He's happy, lively, constantly fills the air (ear) with Japanese phrases and courtesies. A few mis-heard orders were easily forgiven with such a jovial character in charge.

The presentation is beautiful, with really lovely crockery. And the restaurant has nice decor. Disposable chopsticks in paper wrappers unfortunately detract a little from an otherwise classy appearance.

The food was good, too. Reliable, with some standout favourites -- sashimi, tofu teriyaki and udon.

It's BYO, which keeps the price down a little. The total was $110 for 5 diners. Now as I've explained, Molly, the invoice doesn't exist in this reality. I'm sure you can explain that to the boys in accounting...

Higashi Japanese Restaurant
131 Norton St, Leichhardt
ph 9560 0780

Higashi on Urbanspoon


  1. Haha... love the last photo! I agree, if a restaurant doesn't exist in the internet is almost an illusion. BTW, you have labelled your nigiri sushi as sashimi.

  2. Oh you are right, Gaby. Which is weird, because we definitely ordered sashimi. Oh well, it was delicious.
    "There IS no sashimi."

  3. So much good stuff Makes me want to go to there

  4. absolutely love the last shot! hehe twas all a dream

  5. A 100% approval rating on Urbanspoon... impressive! Looks really good :)


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