Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oldtown in Newtown II: Dinner -- or -- Everything Oldtown is Newtown again

Previously on F.S.I. Sydney: Breakfast at Oldtown in Newtown.
I'm on something of an Italian train of thought here. Train of eat, anyway. I accept none of the blame. It's wintry cold and these places right in my neighbourhood keep promising hot, meaty stews. So I'm heading back in. And this time I'm bringing backup.

SO MUCH FOOD! I couldn't possibly eat another bite.
Who am I kidding? Can we see the dessert menu, please?
I'm tipping this as one of those "just a cracker for lunch, thanks, tonight I dine" places. Portion size is generous, and pasta is filling. But then that cheese is pretty hard to pass up as an entree. And who doesn't have room for dessert?

It's a warm, friendly vibe and the room has a nice buzz. The art is perhaps a little out of kilter with everything else, but it's nice that artists have a place to display their stuff. If you need a conversation starter there are plenty of books and knick-knacks on the wooden shelf to lend a spark.

The service is great this time -- no waiting. Friendly but still professional. I asked for a recommendation for dessert and was told that the tiramisu was really fresh, which is the kind of answer I prefer to "that one is popular."

If it's a dark and stormy night, head to Oldtown and get the most out of it.

The damage: $190 for 4, plus tip. Three courses and BYO for $50 each, and none of us could fit another bite. Good value.

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  1. Feeling full just rereading…

    And now I want affogato.

    1. Lucas, stop! That thing has control of your mind!

  2. Looks good, generous servings and proper, traditional cooking.


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