Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spencer Guthrie, Newtown -- or -- Guthrie Spencer and the 40 Wolves

In which Detective Chow gets a little dark, and sheep rule the kitchen with an iron paw hoof.


And drinks alone, if that's what he's serving.

So, this place jumped to the top of the list somehow. But I'm glad it did. Because just the other day I was musing on the fate of Razor's Edge / Razor's Bistro. And then I see ex-Razor Wayne working front of house at SG. (I heard the people behind me ask and no, Wayne isn't making his famous creme brulee. But he is as friendly and lovely as ever.) Ray, meanwhile, is still cooking at QVH bistro and the hot tip is that the specials board is the place to look for Razor's Edge-style dishes.

Spencer Guthrie, to come back to the point, is great. A beautiful restaurant, a commitment to sustainable food sources, and an open kitchen for those who like to play Ovine Lord and watch the chefs at work. (Chia Pet cardigan is mandatory Sheep God uniform.) The food is very good, and factor in some extra time to pick from the everything-is-too-darned-tempting menu. (Detective Chow nearly ordered all five entrees and skip the main.)

Price is at the upper end for Newtown (two entrees and two mains for $106 + tip)*, but worth it for the setting, service, food and ethics. Temporarily BYO ($8.50 per bottle corkage), with the Sando a convenient 30-second walk away.

*All five entrees would have been about the same price. Just saying.

Spencer Guthrie, Newtown
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  1. A very fine restaurant indeed and a welcomed addition to the neighbourhood. I look forward to returning.

  2. Nice, bringing something new to the area. Look forward to checking it out soon

  3. Might need to go sniff that out. ALL HAIL THE SHEEPLE!

  4. This has been on my list for a little while so thank you for the review! :D

  5. Good to see another positive review. Looks very promising.


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